Markdown is Coming to Spud Blog

Posted by David Estes on Jan 21, 2013

I love Markdown! It's simple, concise, and as distraction free as possible. Not too long ago I started writing my blog posts in markdown. It become tedious to convert my markdown into html for the blog, not to mention trying to do this on an iPad.

So, I gave in, and began implementing markdown support for spudblog. This very article was written in markdown using the latest github release of spudblog.

Then I thought, How could I make this better for myself and other developers out there?. The answer, was to use github's markdown parser redcarpet. Now you can hookup your fancy code syntax highlighter and go write in the same syntax you would use on github. Pretty cool eh?

  def content_processed
    if self.content_format == 'Markdown'
        self.content_processed = markdown.render(self.content)
        self.content_processed = self.content

If you can think of any more great features you would like added feel free to comment.